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Journey Into Healing
A Conference
offered by the North American Order of St. Luke the Physician

June 5 - 8, 2013
Ft.Worth/Dallas, Texas
(214) 708-4408

Keynote Series Speaker

Judith C. MacNutt, M.A.
Co-Founder and President of Christian Healing Ministries 

Judith C. MacNutt, well-known and gifted speaker and prayer minister, as well as author of the new best-selling book, Angels are For Real, is our Keynote Speaker for the conference. Her four-part Keynote Series is titled “Journey into the Heart of Healing”.

In 1974, Judith moved to Jerusalem to serve as director of a prayer center. Her experience in Jerusalem confirmed her belief that everywhere people suffer in similar ways and need God’s healing touch. Judith first met Francis MacNutt briefly in Jerusalem in 1975, then married in 1980 and founded Christian Healing Ministries (CHM) that same year. Now in its thirty-third year, the CHM ministry, under Judith’s leadership, continues its focus upon the love of Jesus Christ and the power and effectiveness of healing prayer. www.christianhealingmin.org

Friday Night Guest Speaker

Wayne Wilks Jr., Ph.D.
International director of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI)  www.mjbi.org

Wayne Wilks Jr. will be the guest speaker at our Friday evening event titled “A Celebration of Healing: One Flock, One Shepherd”. 

Wayne has served as International Director of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI) since the organization was founded in 1996. The MJBI was initially formed to address the training needs of new Jewish believers in Jesus in the former Soviet Union. Since then, the MJBI has expanded to other countries in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Israel.  

Prior to his work with the MJBI, Wayne served 10 years in pastoral ministry. He holds a doctorate from the University of North Texas and has done additional graduate study at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the University of the Holy Land.

Workshop Speakers

Josh Acton
The Reverend Josh Acton has pastored Episcopal and Anglican churches for over 20 years. He currently is the senior pastor of non-denominational churches in Hemet, CA and in Rancho Bernardo, CA.  Josh is the Executive Director of Desert Call Ministries and leads retreats and conferences across the country. He has been very active in the International Order of St. Luke the Physician, serving as the Keynote Speaker for the 2008 North American Conference, as past Director of Region 7 and now as a member of the North American Board of Directors. Josh is the author of 'A Powerful Joy: Lessons in Healing' and co-author of 'Spirit Walk'. www.desertcall.org

Donna Authers  
Donna Authers has a passion for applying her natural caregiving skills to help bring hope and healing to hurting people. Since retiring in 1991 after nearly thirty years in marketing with an international corporation, Donna has devoted herself to full time volunteer work in caregiving ministry. In addition to teaching and mentoring other volunteers, she works closely with hospice organizations, counselors, social workers and clergy to help individuals and families cope with new chapters in their lives and find renewed enthusiasm for the future. Donna is committed to helping others learn how to dispel their fear of death and the dying process. She has written 'A Sacred Walk' as a tool for those facing end of life issues. www.asacredwalk.com

Hugh and Khara Bromiley
The Bromileys have been active in the Order of St. Luke for 20 years. The Reverend Bromiley has been a speaker for many Regional OSL conferences and has served on regional boards as well as on the North American OSL board. Khara has worked with cancer support groups and currently has a special interest in inner healing ministry. Together, the Bromileys now conduct weekly healing services and have co-authored a book, 'In Search of a Miracle'.

Barbara G. Lachance
The Reverend Barbara Lachance is an ordained Anglican Priest, certified life coach and master life strategist who has a passion for prayer, unity in the church and transformation through the marketplace. She has served on the pastoral staff at Vineyard Christian Fellowship, New London, CT and Bishop Seabury Church in Groton, CT. She is the founder of two non-profit organizations, the Connecticut House of Prayer and New Covenant Inc. She is also involved with InterPrayer, an international partnership of ministries and individuals committed to God and one another in pursuing God for the nations. She is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles, sits on five international boards and has authored her first book, ‘The Blank Canvas’. Currently she is the CEO of Generational Solutions LLC, Transforming Generations through People, and the Founder of Spirit Wind Center for Creativity and Healing. Barbara and her husband Gerry have five children and four grandchildren and live in Hanover, Connecticut. 

Barbara and Mike McBride
The McBrides have been very active in OSL, Barbara for 21 years and Mike for 17 years. Barbara, recently retired from government service, is currently serving as Convener for the San Diego Chapter of OSL and has in the recent past served on the North American OSL Board as well as having served as North American Conference Chair in 1998 and 2010. Articles by her may be found in past issues of the OSL magazine, Sharing, as well as in the OSL 'Going Deeper' Book Series. Mike, a recently retired attorney, currently serves as Board Member and Treasurer of the San Diego Chapter of OSL. He has advised and assisted many OSL Regions and Chapters, especially regarding legal issues including non-profit status and incorporation. Both Barbara and Mike are gifted teachers and speakers who together have conducted workshops at numerous OSL conferences and missions.

John Rice
For the past 23 years the Reverend John Rice has served as an Episcopal priest in Vermont and North Carolina. He has been active in the healing ministry, conducting numerous workshops across the southeastern United States and also leading healing ministry teams on missions to India. In The Order of St. Luke, he currently serves both as Southeastern Regional Director and also as a member of the North American Board of Directors. His interest in relating gardening to healing stems from his earlier vocation as an agricultural extension agent for the University of Vermont.

David “DAP” Smith 
The Reverend Canon Smith, a retired Anglican parish priest, currently lives in Perth, Ontario, Canada. He has been as an OSL chaplain and established OSL chapters in each of the parishes he has served since he became an OSL member in 1970.  He served as Director of Region 8 from 2000 to 2007 and is currently a member of the OSL North American Board of Directors.

Linda Strickland
Linda is the Director of Ministry for Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. (CHM) in Jacksonville, Florida. She is an accomplished teacher and speaker both at the CHM site and off-site conferences. She is a regular contributor to the ministry’s Healing Line magazine. Her husband, Gene, is an Anglican priest.  www.christianhealingmin.org
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