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Journey Into Healing
A Conference
offered by the North American Order of St. Luke the Physician

June 5 - 8, 2013
Ft.Worth/Dallas, Texas
(214) 708-4408

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Healing Stories
Have you had an answered prayer where God moved powerfully in response to your petition?

Please consider sharing so that others may know that 
God hears and moves on our behalf. 
If you would like to submit your healing story, 
please complete the form

and email to:
Joan Faubion
Email:    joan.faubion@sbcglobal.net 

Call Joan at 214-366-2991 

There are many types of healing – physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. At their core is the healing of the relationship between God and His creation that was broken with Adam and Eve. Each of us bears that burden. God desires relationship with us so He can heal us from within. 
Join us as we journey into God's ultimate healing.

The Story of ... A Sales Clerk

I was completing a purchase of cabinets and tiles, when the sales associate apologized and said “I don't have the right codes for the tile department to arrange delivery.” I went to the tile department and found a depressed-looking, slumped over and very dour looking lady. I explained what I needed and she responded that she would try, but since she had just been hired, she wasn't familiar with the store computer program. Further, she had not yet received proper training. As she started to operate the computer, I noticed she was only using her left hand and not very efficiently. After several attempts she lost the data. At this point I asked if she was all right. I received a definite “NO” followed by an explanation of how she hurt herself on the first day on the job, was now in constant pain and could not move her arm. She stated her doctor said all he could do was to operate since muscle relaxant and pain medicine didn't help. She also stated that after three sessions with a chiropractor there was no improvement. She expressed fear she might have to quit her job.

I asked if I could tell her a story about Jesus. She hesitated and said “okay.” I then told her that Jesus died for us on the Cross to pay for all our sins and His Blood washes away all disease, aches and pain. I told her Jesus opened the doors of the Kingdom for us. I told her to go to Jesus and he would lead her into the Kingdom --The Kingdom that is lit with the brilliant light of love of Jesus, brighter than any light in the universe. I asked her to bathe in that light and allow it to enter her head and completely surge through her being to heal and restore all that required healing.
By this time she was quiet, appeared calmer and said, “I believe that."

I then asked her to come with me to the cabinet department and have that associate assist us. She agreed. The cabinet associate was most helpful and also promised to provide proper computer training.

Three days later I was in the same store looking for additional tile, when someone said, “Are you Heinz”? I turned and saw a smiling middle aged lady looking at me. I had no clue. Then she lifted her right arm and said, "All pain is gone and the arm moves perfectly, plus I now know the store computer program". I said, “All Honor and Praise be to the Father.”

The Story of... Mhiari

Three weeks ago one of our parishioners approached me and asked me to put Mhiari on the prayer list, explaining that she was the daughter of a dear friend who was in a coma. I did. During the service I became more and more intrigued and after the service I asked the parishioner to talk to me about the girl. She told me Mhiari was the daughter of a dear friend in Scotland who had been seen by a doctor and treated for flu like symptoms just before Christmas. In the last week of December, she had slipped into a coma. That had been 30 days ago and now she was on complete life support with the body shutting down. 

I asked the parishioner if she could put Mhiari in her heart and she said “yes I can.” Then I told her how Jesus had died for us and paid for all our sins and ills and diseases, and how he had opened the doors of the Kingdom for us. I asked the parishioner to have the Holy Spirit take her to Jesus so that Jesus would lead her into the Kingdom, lit with the brilliant light of the love of Jesus. I then had her direct that light to Mhiari in Scotland. I told her to do this faithfully every morning and evening.

Today Mhiari is in a wheel chair with complete recovery in sight. Hospital personnel there are calling her a miracle. “All Honor, Praise and Glory be to the Father.”

The Story of ...